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StillnessWhere is heaven, What is heaven, What is the purpose of heaven, What will we find, What will be expected of us as an individual, Will we able to determine where we are, who we are and those around us? The word, heaven, recognized by all, and yet defined entirely by every individual in the world …  differently. Not the heaven in the universe of space above us, but the period in time after our life on this earth. Is it to be found in another dimension, another universe, or  another time period that we do not understand? Heaven, born in the verses of scripture, but yet defined with little regard of understanding other then a place of being. I wonder how many really take the time to contemplate heaven and what God’s intentions are for such a presence.

2 Responses to Where is Heaven?

  • Jeff says:

    In such a vast universe, even to the small extent that we can detect with today’s technology, the possibilities are endless.
    One would first need to contemplate what it is we mean by “universe”. If we are to use the word in the sense that universe = everything (ie: all of the galaxies, all matter, all the dimensions, all the possibilities) then we can make the following assumptions:
    God is part of the universe and resides within it, and to the same extent, “heaven” is located within the universe.

    Now, does that get us any closer to a definition of what or where heaven is ? Not really, as all we have done so far is wrap “everything” under the umbrella of “universe”…. But, at least under this model we don’t have to worry ourselves on whether it is in a different “universe” or “dimension” as we have qualified “universe” as encapsulating everything.

    So, where does that leave us? Still with endless possibilities. As even in this our human sensibilities can only directly observe a small percentage of reality. This is where the problem lies, I am afraid.

    The human animal is simply too limited in the capabilities of our sensory receptors and processors. We can only “hear” a small range of possible sound frequencies. We can only “see” a very narrow band of light frequencies. We can only perceive the universe to the extent that our technologies can compensate for our physical limitations. The universe is just too vast and too complex for us to have an understanding of its limits.

    1. Heaven COULD be another planet.
    2. Heaven COULD exist in the same space that we currently occupy, but at a frequency or spatial dimension that we cannot observe or detect
    3. Heaven COULD be a level of existence that is unencumbered by the physical limitations of space/time. Simply the conscience freed from matter, and free to roam the universe, and
    4. Heaven COULD be almost anything and anywhere.

    The question I have is… is the “heaven” as in “our father, who art in heaven,” the same place that we think of as the reward in afterlife for the righteous? Because, if God has always been in heaven, what was Jesus referring to prior to his ascension when he said “I go to prepare a place for you”? In addition, where did the righteous go prior to Jesus’ arrival on earth?

    I think these might be different things/places/realms.

    I think it is possible that Jesus was given a new “earth”, where he will allow those he chooses as worthy to reside. The garden of Eden re-done, if you will. Just a thought.

    I am afraid in the long run, the question is unanswerable. There are just too may possibilities and too little information to settle on any single scenario as more likely than another.

  • A good view on the posting. It certainly opens a vast number of doors to avenues of interest and consideration. It would be interesting to hear various answer to the questions expressed. Is there a different heaven from the time of the new testament then expressed in the times of the old testament?

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