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The number of individuals  that I have spoken to about heaven aren’t hesitant to communicate about what it means to them, but with little comment to what might be found, what it is, where … in reality it exists, and what to anticipate if we arrive at such a place after this life. I’ve never been approached by so many that say, “Ed, if you finish the book, I want to read it.” I’ve never tried writing something that requires so much study and thinking of what one should consider before putting one’s thoughts into print. Will I ever get somewhere with such a book? Only the Lord knows.


Heaven? Who Knows

StillnessWhere is heaven, What is heaven, What is the purpose of heaven, What will we find, What will be expected of us as an individual, Will we able to determine where we are, who we are and those around us? The word, heaven, recognized by all, and yet defined entirely by every individual in the world …  differently. Not the heaven in the universe of space above us, but the period in time after our life on this earth. Is it to be found in another dimension, another universe, or  another time period that we do not understand? Heaven, born in the verses of scripture, but yet defined with little regard of understanding other then a place of being. I wonder how many really take the time to contemplate heaven and what God’s intentions are for such a presence.