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I’m up trying to get some writing in the new book, leaning toward what we have been told within the Bible. Right now I’m writing about Noah because everyone has the idea that  a pr. of all living animals were loaded into the ark he built. When you stop to consider that a pair of each animal was  loaded aboard, you would be wrong. We in essence picture the ark as large, but how large?  Noah was told to load 7 pr. of all domestic, clean animals, and just one pr. of the unclean. If you just take the domestic animals, that would mean well over a few hundred before adding all the beasts. Now add to that, what it would take to feed them for 150 days. I’m having trouble with not just the number that was loaded aboard, but the amount of wood and time it took to build the ark. Sure it was in reality larger than a football field.  A boat 450′ long, 75′ wide, and 45′ tall, build by a man 600 years old … I doubt that an aircraft carrier of today could carry that much.  If you… Continue reading

Searching for information on the new book, I was asked, “Who was the first man on earth?” Interesting because I knew it wasn’t Adam, and the second person wasn’t Eve. The human form was  named in chapter one, and told to multiply and inhabit the earth. Adam was formed much later to perform a task for which God needed someone to do. How many years passed before God saw the need for Eve in Adam’s presence? How many before Satan convinced Eve that death wouldn’t follow her consumption from the tree of Knowledge? Questions to consider and ignored by pastors in their teaching from the scriptures.  Questions present for hundreds, thousands of years and the real question, does God wish us to know from the knowledge we now have and wasn’t present in the beginning of time?