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I’ve read the Bible many times before trying to write a book about it. My decision for writing such a book comes from the many questions that jump out looking for answers that I just don’t have.

In the Bible we find in Genesis, chapter 3 vs. 20 the name Eve.  The verse references the name that Adam gave to his wife and the reason for Adam’s selection of that name. One of the interesting words I find in that verse is the word “wife”. A word at that time in history had no meaning or purpose without perhaps the act of their being marriage in heaven, or marriage on earth outside of the garden of Eden to those upon earth before God’s creation of Adam and Eve. (Ref chapter 1 vs. 26)

When considering how Eve received her name, another verse  bothers me in Genesis chapter 2 vs. 20,  were we see the name Adam used for the first time. Sad to say without any reference to when received, why the name Adam was given, or by whom given. I question that because in Genesis chapter 3 vs 21 God said, “The man has now… Continue reading

Searching for information on the new book, I was asked, “Who was the first man on earth?” Interesting because I knew it wasn’t Adam, and the second person wasn’t Eve. The human form was  named in chapter one, and told to multiply and inhabit the earth. Adam was formed much later to perform a task for which God needed someone to do. How many years passed before God saw the need for Eve in Adam’s presence? How many before Satan convinced Eve that death wouldn’t follow her consumption from the tree of Knowledge? Questions to consider and ignored by pastors in their teaching from the scriptures.  Questions present for hundreds, thousands of years and the real question, does God wish us to know from the knowledge we now have and wasn’t present in the beginning of time?