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Stillness The path to where?
Boy, the computer loads much faster when it’s in the middle of the night.

It’s 12:45 but I’m wide awake and the new book because of it’s length is changing. If I can assemble the thoughts that are going through this brain of mine, I’ll have book #2 of this story as a sequel being assembled on this computer before they finish the audit of book #1.

Fred, the character who predicted the quake, in the current book, is at a meeting requested by President Gary Trisome. Fred has been in great pain for the number of days. During the meeting the pain stops but he discovers that his personal vision has been taken from him. The quake he predicted has traveled as far as Hawaii and the main island is splitting and the part that we know of today that has that possibility, becomes a reality, sliding into the ocean. The continents of the world are starting to change …. God created the world, but in creating gave it independent life, just as he may have done in other worlds of the heavens. They worlds do change with time and God is limited by time to what… Continue reading

AluniteThe name originally given to this rock must be incorrect, I can’t locate it anywhere. After much research I think it’s Alunite, but at least two other names, Rhyolite and Jarosite has been suggested and all three show up together in different articles. It’s a beautiful piece to work with. If you agree or disagree with it’s current name (Alunite), I’m sure open to your suggestion.