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CrysoquoiseYou cut into a rock and like what you see. The name you have came with the rock and you  wonder wonder if it is correct. This one was Crysoquoise but I can’t find such a name. I think the correct name is Chrysocolla from Bisbee, Arizona. Another name that I have on a rock is Cocoazilite, but again I can’t find such a name in any of the books I’m searching. If you are reviewing my rock photo album just remember, the name came with the rock and may be incorrect.  If you think a name is wrong just post what you think correct and I’ll research it farther.

Cover #5Does lightning shake the earth when it strikes? Under special circumstances can it cause an earth quake? If you were to discover that you could predict earthquakes what would you do? How would you tell the public? How do you prove it to yourself? If it happens, how does it change your life? If you predict one, publish the fact, and it doesn’t happen, how does it affect you as an individual? What if a group determines that if they eliminate you, the quake will never happen? A book to answer those questions is being written, if I can ever determine the answers.