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It is said that everything has a beginning and an end. Our life, our destiny, our world, perhaps our universe as it is known today, fits into this picture. The one question I have: Does eternity have a beginning and will it have an end?

Could our life be a portion of eternity, but in reality a time slot visual within the scope of another dimension that contains eternity? If so it certainly would account for the appearance and departure of personalities within scripture. I don’t believe beings of this life, before or after death could travel ions of light years within the time period described in the Bible, but perhaps could pass through a doorway of spiritual understanding to another dimension within in a blink of an eye.

Our understanding of our present universe, added to the knowledge of the speed of other universes that are expanding and growing in number, remains a problem where millions of dollars are expensed each year. We recognize universes being born and worlds disappearing from existence. We know that the time frame for earth is a distant period in time equivalent to past history, but never to be know by us, other then… Continue reading

The number of individuals  that I have spoken to about heaven aren’t hesitant to communicate about what it means to them, but with little comment to what might be found, what it is, where … in reality it exists, and what to anticipate if we arrive at such a place after this life. I’ve never been approached by so many that say, “Ed, if you finish the book, I want to read it.” I’ve never tried writing something that requires so much study and thinking of what one should consider before putting one’s thoughts into print. Will I ever get somewhere with such a book? Only the Lord knows.


Heaven? Who Knows