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Some ask what I am working on as the latest book. Perhaps you would be interested in the “preface” as now presented for consideration of the book content. “In the Beginning was God, or was God a part of the Beginning.”


Preface:             Within the vastness of our galaxy, the universes of time, even to the small extent of what we can detect with today’s technology, we find that possibilities are endless. To grasp what today represents, one needs to contemplate what time is, and what we refer to by the term “eternity”. If we are to use the word eternity in the sense that all universes known today, added to that which are yet to be determined, are a part of the present and a portion of the future, then what assumptions should we generate toward our God? Should we recognize that God resides within our galaxy, or within the scope of all that has been and is yet to come?

It is very difficult to determine the purpose of our creation, or the independence given by God to the human configuration that is above all things, or substances defined as present on this earth. The God we know was brought into our existence thousands of years ago, but was limited to the realms of knowledge by the education of the people at that time in history. I recognize the biblical God as my God, and I write this to expand our present knowledge and the purpose of heaven and earth within the scope of expansion. Many positions within scripture may have been established at the time of question as to why such an incident became a reality, without the slightest true understanding of the event. I do not write this to weaken any individual’s feelings about God or a person’s belief that is now present.

I write to open the door of understanding of what we are learning about this earth, the changes taking place, and perhaps creating a way for a better acceptance of God in all aspects of life. The bible serves each of us. The expansion of why something was said served a purpose at a time in history and perhaps should be understood and recognized as the true purpose at that time, rather then simple acceptance of eternal truth. If you read what I have written … understand that my study of religion and science is quoted more from observations and conversation with people whose educations far exceeds mine.  I will state questions wherein I do not have the answer, but it might open the door for you and others to consider. May the Lord, my God bless each of you.

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