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In the photo albums, under rock identification, all 419 rocks that I have stored in my garage for cutting and working with, are present. The pictures are to assist you in discovering the name of a rock that you might pick up when walking, hiking, or camping. Are the names all correct? Absolutely not. The names came with the rock when found, given by the people in that area, the person finding the rock, or named after as much time searching as I could do at the time I received them. Everything should have a name, right or wrong … it can always be changed when you know it is needed. The last 14 pictures, I have yet to find a name for. Should you recognize one or more of them, send an email and I’ll label it. All other rocks have a name. I hope you enjoy what’s out there to be found, and can say, “I wonder if I can locate a picture that will tell me what you are.”

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