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At times it takes an eternity before something within our scope of creativity to be determined as useful.  I don’t doubt that God was the source of the creation of earth, a part of the initial creation within all that we see in the heavens above us.  I believe some 12.4 billion years passed from that initial time of creation, before God determined that earth could support creatures within his desire to give life. The creatures, long before the creation of man, were given a being that witnessed an earth that changed within the scope of their existence. Extreme cold, heat, the scope of the earth dividing in a way that would balance its’ needs, wayward astroids that over time would hit the earth and end a large portion of the life that God had created. During that period of time,  a few thousand years, God witnessed the dangers within the life of the creatures of his creation. Things reacted to one another … perhaps generating in God the thought of man. A creation with the ability to think, and develop near the the likeness of himself. A creature that with the ability to think, to communicate,… Continue reading

I’ve read the Bible many times before trying to write a book about it. My decision for writing such a book comes from the many questions that jump out looking for answers that I just don’t have.

In the Bible we find in Genesis, chapter 3 vs. 20 the name Eve.  The verse references the name that Adam gave to his wife and the reason for Adam’s selection of that name. One of the interesting words I find in that verse is the word “wife”. A word at that time in history had no meaning or purpose without perhaps the act of their being marriage in heaven, or marriage on earth outside of the garden of Eden to those upon earth before God’s creation of Adam and Eve. (Ref chapter 1 vs. 26)

When considering how Eve received her name, another verse  bothers me in Genesis chapter 2 vs. 20,  were we see the name Adam used for the first time. Sad to say without any reference to when received, why the name Adam was given, or by whom given. I question that because in Genesis chapter 3 vs 21 God said, “The man has now… Continue reading

Searching for information on the new book, I was asked, “Who was the first man on earth?” Interesting because I knew it wasn’t Adam, and the second person wasn’t Eve. The human form was  named in chapter one, and told to multiply and inhabit the earth. Adam was formed much later to perform a task for which God needed someone to do. How many years passed before God saw the need for Eve in Adam’s presence? How many before Satan convinced Eve that death wouldn’t follow her consumption from the tree of Knowledge? Questions to consider and ignored by pastors in their teaching from the scriptures.  Questions present for hundreds, thousands of years and the real question, does God wish us to know from the knowledge we now have and wasn’t present in the beginning of time?

Some ask what I am working on as the latest book. Perhaps you would be interested in the “preface” as now presented for consideration of the book content. “In the Beginning was God, or was God a part of the Beginning.”


Preface:             Within the vastness of our galaxy, the universes of time, even to the small extent of what we can detect with today’s technology, we find that possibilities are endless. To grasp what today represents, one needs to contemplate what time is, and what we refer to by the term “eternity”. If we are to use the word eternity in the sense that all universes known today, added to that which are yet to be determined, are a part of the present and a portion of the future, then what assumptions should we generate toward our God? Should we recognize that God resides within our galaxy, or within the scope of all that has been and is yet to come?

It is very difficult to determine the purpose of our creation, or the independence given by God to the human configuration that is above… Continue reading

Biggs Picture Jasper Virgin Valley Opal Mexican GeodeThe belt buckle is Biggs Picture Jasper, the second unit is Virgin Valley Opal, the the last item a Mexican Geode. It’s interesting to find what the heart of a rock is going to show when cut. If nothing or very little, it gets trashed. But, when I like what’s there I try to shape it into something a person may like. No I don’t sell or market them. I have found that when a friend likes what they are looking at, he or she will keep it around longer as a gift. I enjoy writing, but when the thought I’m searching for isn’t there, this  humble avenue of bringing to life things that I’ve just picked up from the ground, is interesting to maintain.

StillnessLet me assure you, I believe in one God. If there were hundreds of Gods as stated in various religions, I believe they would war among themselves to perfect their dominance over each other. The book I’m now working on has a purpose because simple questions sometimes have difficult answers.  I believe everything has a beginning. There must be an answer why time passed for 14.4 billion years before God thought of creating or forming man.  I find existence of eternity without a beginning difficult to grasp or accept, but I do believe that existence of eternity can have a future without end. Perhaps God increases our knowledge of the past, present and future so that we have a better understanding of what is to be. A better road of communication with us  understanding God’s presence in our lives, and  our ability to seek His knowledge and perception of reality beyond our current understanding. It would be interesting to hear what others believe, conceive, grasp from both the bible, science, and experiences of life.

Ed Browning

I’m not a geologist, archaeologist, or a scientific person that would know the rock’s true name when I picked it up. I always enjoyed hiking and might be called a funologist. (he,he,he) The names associated with the pictures of the rocks I’ve taken may not be correct. The names come from the local area where the specimen was found, the rock store I was visiting, provided by the person finding that particular rock other then myself, or my search for the best description I could find. Every picture has a name, but if you disagree with the name assigned, please post your comments and I’ll follow up the best I can. Each picture was taken in my rock picture studio located in my garage. There, I house well over 400 different types of stones from around the world that I cut, polish and try to establish the correct name. Pictures of items made are also present along with books written.

StillnessWhere is heaven, What is heaven, What is the purpose of heaven, What will we find, What will be expected of us as an individual, Will we able to determine where we are, who we are and those around us? The word, heaven, recognized by all, and yet defined entirely by every individual in the world …  differently. Not the heaven in the universe of space above us, but the period in time after our life on this earth. Is it to be found in another dimension, another universe, or  another time period that we do not understand? Heaven, born in the verses of scripture, but yet defined with little regard of understanding other then a place of being. I wonder how many really take the time to contemplate heaven and what God’s intentions are for such a presence.

Crystal:imbedded fern and inserted Ruby.Newest necklace piece 1.5″ x .75″ x .25″ made from a crystal with an imbedded fern. Inserted a small Ruby to reflect it’s color and setting. Unit inset in silver wire that I now believe should be larger and may be changed by inserting a larger grade in the near future. An old man still makes mistakes in his selection of materials to use.

AluniteThe name originally given to this rock must be incorrect, I can’t locate it anywhere. After much research I think it’s Alunite, but at least two other names, Rhyolite and Jarosite has been suggested and all three show up together in different articles. It’s a beautiful piece to work with. If you agree or disagree with it’s current name (Alunite), I’m sure open to your suggestion.