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Eddie Browning

Michigan honor student in '48, 8 years in special services US navy, college at Santa Clara, Ca., singer on the radio and in concert for 50+ years, V.P. of technical company assisting in the design of mass spectrometers and space travel for 32 years, arts painter, author, world traveler and married to a wonderful lady for 59 years that could recognize things I could do before I realized it. Quite a life of interest and friends.

Petrified AlgaePetrified Algae in a gold encasement about the size of the half dollar coin.  A light to darker tan. Fairly easy to work with, and easy to wear.The stone is a few million years old.

Agate:Lake Superior a Agate:Lake Superior b.This broach is the same stone (Lake Superior Agate) but shows differently dependent upon the light exposed too. It takes a lady that likes to wear the slightly larger piece. 1.25″ x 2.5″

Black Onyz w: AlymiteMy latest pendent created from Black Onyz with an insert of Alymite.

It’s 1.75″ x .5″ x .25″ and should show well. I’m a little concerned about the gold chain’s retention, but time will tell. Still learning. Small and eye sight remain a problem getting them to work together, but something you have to learn to live with as you age.

Newest creation.

Newest creation.

Contains 9 small opals, 3 diamonds and the center being a type of Amethyst.  Mounted on a gold back plate .5″ x 7/16″. I hope it holds together. Working with stones this small at my age is a lot of work and requires patience. I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Three new creations in mens belt buckles for those interested in what we can do by cutting and polishing the rocks, minerals and crystals we find when walking where nature deposits and hides it’s beauty. Found in album #2.

What thoughts come into your mind that might open the door to a new book? Is it worth the effort, will it find interest, or are you kidding yourself?

History over the years compels one to consider what has come about in one’s life. Some items and direction are by choice, some by chance, and some by direction of powers that you may not comprehend or understand in this world. It’s easy to look back and wonder. It’s another thing to place in writing what others might find interesting. So … Her goes.

Don’t know how this one will turn out, but just within the first 9K words, I find stories within stories that people are going to wonder about.

The name, “Pok’along in the Land of No Return … Maybe”. Had a difficult time determining the correct title, but after some thought realized that I had considered leaving the five in the cave, but “maybe” they could find a way out.

This book’s story is to show that as we do things, we may physically change in the way we look, what we do, and not know why. Friendships can still be retained and may increase as we grow. What is our purpose in life? Can the way we react with others, be an  important part to our own happiness?

Well I’ve sent book #4 to the publisher to review and see if it’s ready to publish. Is the name right “Pok’along in the Land of No Return”? Is the picture for the front cover near to something that can be used to express whats inside? Is the back cover anything likable? Is the story worth the effort?

At least I’ve ask then to be truthful with their answers, so I can made the correct choice about continuing to being an author. We will see.

Friendship within a life can come and go, but those that stay with you for a lifetime is something to be appreciative of. When a persons wife comes to an interview with him because, even with a collage education, his english is less than acceptable, would you hire him?  Yes! It was a good decision and perhaps a strange way to start a friendship. But, after he follows you through five different companies for over 50 years and still has lunch with you once a month after your both retired, you recognize a true friendship.

That’s one of the reasons I write the type of books that appear in the Pok’along series. To show that friendship can develop in the strangest ways.

  • Skin Jasper belt buckle set in silver, before silver started to be priced out of use of this type.
  • This is skin jasper mounted in a silver belt buckle that you can take pride in wearing. Silver and gold were used quite often by rock hounds to show off surprising fines within the rocks and minerals they cut and polish. With the price of silver and gold in a steady  price increase, we now have to look for different materials to use in our creations that people will still take pride in wearing.

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