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Eddie Browning

Michigan honor student in '48, 8 years in special services US navy, college at Santa Clara, Ca., singer on the radio and in concert for 50+ years, V.P. of technical company assisting in the design of mass spectrometers and space travel for 32 years, arts painter, author, world traveler and married to a wonderful lady for 59 years that could recognize things I could do before I realized it. Quite a life of interest and friends.

CrysoquoiseYou cut into a rock and like what you see. The name you have came with the rock and you  wonder wonder if it is correct. This one was Crysoquoise but I can’t find such a name. I think the correct name is Chrysocolla from Bisbee, Arizona. Another name that I have on a rock is Cocoazilite, but again I can’t find such a name in any of the books I’m searching. If you are reviewing my rock photo album just remember, the name came with the rock and may be incorrect.  If you think a name is wrong just post what you think correct and I’ll research it farther.

Cover #5Does lightning shake the earth when it strikes? Under special circumstances can it cause an earth quake? If you were to discover that you could predict earthquakes what would you do? How would you tell the public? How do you prove it to yourself? If it happens, how does it change your life? If you predict one, publish the fact, and it doesn’t happen, how does it affect you as an individual? What if a group determines that if they eliminate you, the quake will never happen? A book to answer those questions is being written, if I can ever determine the answers.

Blue agateA friend brought a ring to me saying, “I don’t like it. It sets to high above the finger and catches on everything. You can have it. After getting home I looked at it and she was right. It set to high and was large to wear for many ladies. A nice Blue Agate inset into silver. I hated to see her just give it away, so I removed the ring, repaired the back and added a silver neckless retainer. I returned it to the friend on a silver neckless that she could now enjoy wearing. After all… what are friends for?

Little friendsWhen I saw this picture I recognized that friendship wasn’t limited to just us humans. I came to the conclusion that if animals can find friendship then why not use their kingdom to teach children the meaning, purpose, and that a person’s appearance shouldn’t be a limiting factor.  If you would like to see how a rabbit, groundhog, chicken and owl became friends, pick up on my blog, a free copy of the four book series on Pok’along in the Valley of the Digadoos. You can also review the series on Amazon. One thing the book teaches … someone will try to destroy that friendship.

Rare Variscite:GermanyBook #5 is still in edit,  so I asked myself, what do I do until the edit is completed. I could start another book, paint a picture, audit some music, cut a few more rocks, or design something new from what I have found . When going through the variscite on hand, I discovered a couple of rocks that appeared slightly different. In cutting I discovered they were of a rare Variscite, I think from Germany. Was able to recover six slices that I thought of excellent presentation. Finished the piece as pictured. By adding a small diamond in a blemish noted in the stone. The piece is 1″ x 2″ with a silver wire for the case.


A book is a book, long or short, big or small. How does the various authors decide when a book is complete? What will it be called, what will the story tell, or the cover look like? Does the design come from dreaming, or from visits to the heaven of imagination.

How do you measure the book’s length? Will it be by word count, size, number of pages, number of days and nights seated at a computer, or heaven help you, at an actual old typewriter? I’ve wondered if anyone still uses one, or are they even taught to be used in school any more? How many individuals have been told why you write, where the stories materialize from, and when. If a book never becomes a reality, how many stories may still be drifting within your head, your heart, trying to become more then just a daunting task that you never get around too.

Thousands of authors are upon this old world we call home. They come and go. I wondered what the key is for an author to retain that desire and remain on the light… Continue reading

At last all four books featuring Pok’along and his friends are available in the book section. Pok’along came into being to help children learn how friendship can be found and what it means. Young children enjoy having it read to them. Pok’along had another name at first, but one day, on a hike, his mother said to him, “Would you quit poking along and get up here with your brothers and sisters!” His brothers and sisters took up the call shouting, “Pok’along, Pok’along, you’re nothing but a Pok’along.” Everyone, in time, forgot his real name, they just started calling him, “Pok’along.” He became a rabbit you will never forget.

Sunday wearAt times you work on something that you take apart again             and again, until your satisfied. This neckless went through a number of disassemblies over 3 years until the stones, spacers and I came to agreement. It ended up 2″ x 3″ with a 22″ neckless without a clip, so it’s just over the head, to put on, or take off.  It’s not really light, so many ladies wouldn’t like it, but my first try at something like this. The cross was set in for mainly Sunday wear.

New Release - 2014
New Release – 2014
New release now available on Amazon in the soft cover and for the Kindle . Rated the best of the 4 book sequel of Pok’along. Teaches the importance of friendship through the animal kingdom. Parents have reported enjoyment while reading to children. 77 books found a home during the first week of January and those from Amazon have been shipped and are on the way.

Carved BearsThese are two bears out of six that were showing their age, which is 60 years old.  Simple wood carvings that are 6″ long, 4″ tall and 2″ wide. Wood does age, so they needed a new coat to assure their life continued. Four to go, with each one slightly different to see which coating works best.