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Biggs Picture Jasper Virgin Valley Opal Mexican GeodeThe belt buckle is Biggs Picture Jasper, the second unit is Virgin Valley Opal, the the last item a Mexican Geode. It’s interesting to find what the heart of a rock is going to show when cut. If nothing or very little, it gets trashed. But, when I like what’s there I try to shape it into something a person may like. No I don’t sell or market them. I have found that when a friend likes what they are looking at, he or she will keep it around longer as a gift. I enjoy writing, but when the thought I’m searching for isn’t there, this  humble avenue of bringing to life things that I’ve just picked up from the ground, is interesting to maintain.

StillnessLet me assure you, I believe in one God. If there were hundreds of Gods as stated in various religions, I believe they would war among themselves to perfect their dominance over each other. The book I’m now working on has a purpose because simple questions sometimes have difficult answers.  I believe everything has a beginning. There must be an answer why time passed for 14.4 billion years before God thought of creating or forming man.  I find existence of eternity without a beginning difficult to grasp or accept, but I do believe that existence of eternity can have a future without end. Perhaps God increases our knowledge of the past, present and future so that we have a better understanding of what is to be. A better road of communication with us  understanding God’s presence in our lives, and  our ability to seek His knowledge and perception of reality beyond our current understanding. It would be interesting to hear what others believe, conceive, grasp from both the bible, science, and experiences of life.