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Welcome to my photo galleries.

I’m not a geologist, archaeologist, or a scientific person that would know of a rock’s name when I picked it up. I always enjoyed hiking and might be called a funologist (he, he, he).

The names associated with the pictures of the rocks may, or may not be correct. The names come from the local area where the specimen was found, the rock store I was visiting, provided by the person finding that particular rock other then myself, or my search for the best description I could find. Every rock has a name, but if you disagree with the name assigned, please post your comments and I’ll follow up the best I can. Each picture was taken in my rock picture studio located in my garage. There, I house well over 400 different types of stones from around the world, that I cut, polish and put into jewelry as seen in the second catalog titled Items Made.

The forest pictures are actuals taken within the mountains and valleys. Use your imagination to see what might lie within your thoughts and what you might see when hiking or walking the good old USA.

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Frozen in time.
Frozen in time.
A redwood has fallen with creatures frozen within the roots waiting to be released.
Door to the Land of Noso
Door to the Land of Noso
Carved Bears.JPG
Carved Bears.JPG
Carved of wood. Each bear is 6" long, 3" tall and 2" wide. The total carvings are composed of 6 bears and are now 60 years old and were showing a need for a new finish. 4 to go.

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