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It is said that everything has a beginning and an end. Our life, our destiny, our world, perhaps our universe as it is known today, fits into this picture. The one question I have: Does eternity have a beginning and will it have an end?

Could our life be a portion of eternity, but in reality a time slot visual within the scope of another dimension that contains eternity? If so it certainly would account for the appearance and departure of personalities within scripture. I don’t believe beings of this life, before or after death could travel ions of light years within the time period described in the Bible, but perhaps could pass through a doorway of spiritual understanding to another dimension within in a blink of an eye.

Our understanding of our present universe, added to the knowledge of the speed of other universes that are expanding and growing in number, remains a problem where millions of dollars are expensed each year. We recognize universes being born and worlds disappearing from existence. We know that the time frame for earth is a distant period in time equivalent to past history, but never to be know by us, other then the click of a clock, far beyond our place in the fulfillment of future historical activity.

This is the reason I believe our knowledge of heaven as spoken of in scripture and anticipated by almost every person on earth, is far beyond our present understanding. I believe there is a ‘Heaven’ wherein God resides, but past that point I’m lost.

The book I’m working on to better understand the word ‘Heaven’ could certainly use your views for, against, or perhaps your anticipation of what heaven, as you understand it, will be.

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